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ALIEN 51 (2004) *

A couple goes out to the middle of the desert to check out Area 51 and get killed by an alien that has escaped from the facility. It runs off to a nearby freak show and kills a hot lesbian in the crowd. A sexy Fish and Game warden (Phoebe Falconer) investigates while the owner of the freak show sets out to capture the alien and make it the main attraction.

Alien 51 is a bad movie that assaults you from all fronts with its awfulness. The alien costume is terrible, the pacing is nonexistent, and the gore is pretty pathetic. The cinematography is also really poor, so it’s hard to even look at, particularly in the nighttime scenes.

But it’s the acting that really takes the cake. Man, I have sat through some bad sci-fi/horror movies in my day, but I am hard pressed to think of another film with worse acting. Falconer looks plenty hot, especially with her short shorts and heaving cleavage. However, her line readings will make you cringe and she gives a performance so wooden that it’s bound to leave you with splinters.

Some people might disregard the previous statements and still watch Alien 51 just because Heidi Fleiss is in it. Unfortunately, her performance is just sad to watch. She’s often unintelligible and looks embarrassed to be there. You’ll probably feel the same way, especially when she says shit like, “What is this? The olden ages?”

Tags: a, sci-fi

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