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AMERICAN MARY (2012) ** ½

Mary (Katharine Isabelle) is a medical student who is deep in debt. She eventually gets roped into performing plastic surgeries for a cult of people that get off on extreme forms of body modifications. One night, Mary is taken to a party by her professor who drugs and rapes her. She gets revenge on him by performing several body modification operations on him. Taking everything she learned from the operation, Mary uses her skills to open up her own underground body modification business.

American Mary is the Soska Sisters’ follow-up film to their Dead Hooker in a Trunk. And it’s a much more polished and accomplished movie than their first. Dead Hooker seemed like their ode to Troma films and this one plays like their version of an After Dark Horror Fest movie.

The film is at its best in the early going. The scenes of Mary getting lured into the realm of illicit body modifications are rather intriguing. And I liked the scenes of Mary interacting with her oddball patients too. Once the film focuses on her getting revenge on the professor, it begins to lose some of its appeal. And the film pretty much peters out completely by the end, thanks to the overlong running time (103 minutes).

But even though the film loses its way as it enters the second act, it still is worth a look thanks to Katharine Isabelle’s performance. She is excellent as the sexy, no-nonsense Mary. Even when she’s at her coldblooded iciest, she still manages to endear herself to the audience, which is quite a feat.

Tags: a, horror

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