The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

MACABRE (1980) ***

This is Lamberto (Delirium) Bava’s debut film and it still packs a wallop. After a little girl drowns her brother in a bathtub, her mother and her lover get into an auto accident, which leaves him decapitated. One year later the distraught mommy moves in with her blind brother. Little does he know she secretly keeps her lover’s head in the freezer and has nightly sexual escapades with it! Her mischievous daughter finds out and puts her lover’s ear in mommy’s soup, which drives her mental. Big Time. There’s also a great shock ending too. With this lurid subject matter, Bava shows great restraint and (gasp!) good taste during the film’s ickier scenes. As with any movie in which someone gets it on with a decapitated head, feel free to make “getting head” jokes as often as you like. Bava did A Blade in the Dark next.
Tags: horror, m
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