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KOLOBUS (1999) ***

A group of strangers are invited to a remote house where their every move is filmed for the camera. Pretty soon, the booby-trapped house kills off one of the actors and locks everyone else inside the dwelling. The survivors try to band together and stay alive, which is increasingly harder to do once a faceless killer enters the fracas.

If you can’t already tell, I’ve been watching a lot of these People-Trapped-in-a-House-Under-Constant-Camera-Surveillance movies here lately, and most of them have been pretty bad. Unlike most of its ilk, Kolobus is actually a solid horror flick and is probably the Citizen Kane of the subgenre. The reason for this is because it features good performances, likeable characters, and a few genuine surprises. The flick is actually really freaking good for about 70 minutes or so. It’s when the twist ending comes into play when every sorta goes downhill. But other than that, it’s quite a solid horror movie.

The film also contains some pretty good gory set pieces. One chick gets killed by the kitchen (and I don’t mean IN the kitchen I mean BY the kitchen), some guy takes a literal acid bath, and another dude gets a pool cue shoved through his mouth. My favorite kill though was the death that echoes the famous antler kill from Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Speaking of which, Kolobus also features a brief appearance by the always Linnea Quigley. Unfortunately, she’s only in it for about a minute or two as it’s one of those “Special Appearance by” deals. Of course, if you ask me, any appearance by Linnea Quigley is a special one, but oh well.

AKA: Haunted House.

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