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Yancy Butler (returning from Part 3) is a former sheriff trying to finish off the man-eating crocodiles for good. While on one of her excursions, she finds a mutant crocodile that’s 20 feet long. She then tries to figure out what’s turning the crocs ginormous. Meanwhile a busload of horny teens partying at the lake becomes croc bait. Of course, the daughter of the new sheriff (Elizabeth Rohm) just so happens to be on the bus and she teams up with Butler to kills off the crocs and save her.

When you close your eyes and picture in your mind what a bad SYFY Channel movie looks like, you’ll probably end up envisioning something that closely resembles Lake Placid: The Final Chapter. Directed by Don Michael (Half Past Dead) Paul, this lame sequel features the requisite bad CGI effects, annoying POV shots of the monster (we get lots of green-tinged “Croc-Cam” shots), and a formerly great horror star slumming it (in this case, Robert Englund playing a grizzled big game hunter). And if it wasn’t for the lively performance by Butler as the bitchy, foul-mouthed croc killer, the film would almost be totally without merit.

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter’s biggest flaw is that it’s dull. All of the boring scenes of the irritating teens could’ve been bearable if the crocodile attack scenes were worth a damn; but most of them are lackluster. The only scene that is remotely memorable is the scene where a school of hungry baby crocodiles feed on a hapless teen. And despite a smattering of OK gore, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter is a mostly toothless affair.

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