The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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DRIVE THRU (2007) **

A killer clown mascot from “Hella Burger” stalks and slashes teenagers. A rocker chick (Leighton Meester) and her boyfriend (Nicolas D’Agosto) start getting weird messages from an Ouija board and their Magic 8 Balls. Pretty soon, the killer comes after them too.

I think if Drive Thru was just your traditional slasher flick with a fast food mascot as the killer, it would’ve worked better. The supernatural elements are clunky at best and are by far the worst aspects of the film. And the killer’s Nightmare on Elm Street-inspired backstory doesn’t work at all.

The killer is kinda weak too and he makes lame wisecracks like, “Fries are up!” and “Say cheese!” He sticks a dude’s face into the deep fryer, decapitates another guy, and sticks an axe in one guy’s head. Too bad a lot of the gore scenes are ruined by a lot of fake looking effects. In particular, the potentially cool head-in-the-microwave scene is ruined by some truly shoddy CGI.

Meester is sexy and feisty and the spunky heroine. She definitely looks hot in her punk rocker get-up and makes for an ideal Final Girl. Her performance is easily the best thing Drive Thru has going for it. There’s also a cameo by Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock as a fast food employee, but the idea of having a cameo by Morgan Spurlock as a fast food employee is better in theory than in execution.

Meester and D’Agosto were also in the much more effective Inside together.

AKA: Drive Thru: Fast Food Kills. AKA: Burger Kill. AKA: Death Burger.

Tags: d, horror

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