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Well, the first Insidious didn’t do a whole lot for me, but you can’t really keep me away from a James Wan movie. I mean the man made Death Sentence, the best Death Wish rip-off of the 21st century, not to mention starting the whole Saw franchise. Since he’s moving on to the Fast and the Furious films, this might be the last horror film we get from him for a while. So I figured, why the Hell not?

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are still being bothered by ghosts. Apparently, back when he was a kid, he had all these powers to communicate with the undead, but some paranormal investigators helped him get rid of those powers. Due to the events of the first film, Wilson becomes possessed by the spirit of a killer. Meanwhile, his mother (Barbara Hershey) runs around God’s green earth with a bunch of douchebag ghost hunters who try to help Wilson exorcise his demon.

Insidious: Chapter 2 is pretty routine stuff. There are a lot of slamming doors, baby toys that move by themselves, and ghost gals strolling around dressed in white nightgowns. There are some OK scenes here (a kid plays Hot and Cold with a ghost and a séance involving Scrabble dice), and the scenes in “The Further” aren’t too shabby, but they eventually give way to some ho-hum Shining rip-off scenes by the end of the picture.

The film really suffers from a disjointed structure. The scenes with the ghost hunters drag things down and take away from the action with Wilson. The poorly lit scenes of them running around the house with their camcorders don’t help much either. You have to give Wan credit for not simply recycling the events of the first film. But his kitchen sink sort of approach yields uneven results.

On the plus side, Wilson does a good Psycho Dad act. He stands there all nonchalant and shit, but still manages to make seemingly innocent lines like, “I’ll take the kids to school today!” sound menacing. He’s much better at that than the goodie two shoes version of his character, that’s for sure.

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