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Ashley Greene and her boyfriend move into a luxurious house in the desert. Pretty soon, doors start opening all by themselves, furniture moves around, and black mold starts covering the floors and walls. She thinks the place is haunted, but he tells her that there’s actually a spirit haunting him; one they might not be able to escape.

The Apparition is a bad PG-13 horror film, but one that I had a sliver of fun with. My wife shares my love of bloody, gory horror films and always asks me why I watch these PG-13 flicks. Call it a weakness I guess.

I mean, there’s this one scene that has to be some sort of classic. Ashley Greene is sound asleep in her bed when the ghost pulls the sheet over her head; vacuum seals it, and tries to suffocate her. That’s right folks; it tries to Dutch Oven her to death! I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

The movie really needed about three more of these moments to be worth a damn though. The bullshit ghost chasing scenes are pretty annoying. And some of their camcorder footage is repeated, to pad out the running time (which, if you minus the credits, is a mercifully short 72 minutes).

On the plus side, Ashley Greene is really hot and spends a lot of the movie in her underwear. (She even takes a PG-13 shower too.) So that makes some of the paranormal activity crap somewhat tolerable.

I think the movie really lost an opportunity though. When Greene’s boyfriend tells her about his past, he says, “I was experimenting in college with the supernatural”. She should’ve replied, “Everyone experiments in college!” and been more understanding about the whole thing.

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