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Shauna O’Brien catches her husband cheating on her and runs to her girlfriends for comfort. They tell her that their husbands have cheated on them too, but they can use that against them to get what they want (lavish gifts, huge alimony checks, etc.). Meanwhile, they go out and bang younger guys and encourage Shauna to do the same.

Directed by Sybil Richards, The Mistress Club sorta plays like a Skinamax version of The First Wives’ Club. It’s not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it makes for a breezy watch. That is to say, the sex scenes are plentiful and there’s just enough plot to keep things afloat until the next sex scene.

In fact, there are nine Guy on Girl scenes throughout the film’s 73 minute running time. That works out to be a sex scene every 8 minutes, which is a pretty good average. And if you count the three Dressing scenes of the babes getting in and out of their clothing, it bumps the average up even more. But before you start getting excited over those totals, you should be aware that a lot of the sex scenes end abruptly or seem abbreviated (which is why this is getting a ** ½ rating instead of a ***).

O’Brien is one of my favorite Skinamax actresses. She has a great seduction scene where she dresses up in black leather and a cool bit where she seduces the cable guy. Her sexiness definitely elevates The Mistress Club from being just run of the mill late night cable entertainment.

AKA: Lover’s Club.

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