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G.I. SAMURAI (1981) ** ½

The thing I liked about G.I. Samurai was the fact that the plot just sorta happens. Sonny Chiba stars as a lieutenant who leads his troops into a time warp that sends them back in time to feudal Japan. Oddly enough, Sonny and his men deal with the situation pretty well. Fairly quickly, they get caught between two warring samurai clans and there are battles between samurai and soldiers using machine guns, which are pretty nutty. I could’ve done without the artsy-fartsy flashbacks (or flash forwards?) that look like they belong in a French New Wave flick though.

There’s also a cool subplot about some of Sonny’s men revolting and going around and grabbing women and keeping them aboard their boat too. Sonny then has to go take them down by repelling off a helicopter and firing upon them with a machine gun. This is a pretty good action sequence, as is the tank vs. samurai scene.

None of this quite works, you understand. The lackadaisical plot is the film’s chief asset, but it’s also a major drawback because the narrative winds up being a sprawling mess. And some of the places the plot meanders to aren’t very memorable. Plus, the annoying light rock soundtrack can be pretty unbearable at times.

However, the samurai action (even though the action meanders almost as much as the plot) is decent and there’s a good amount of nudity. And besides, if you ever wanted to see modern day soldiers machine-gunning samurais willy-nilly, then G.I. Samurai has got you covered. And of course, Sonny Chiba is pretty awesome in this flick, so there’s that.

AKA: Time Slip. AKA: Day of the Apocalypse.

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