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 When the director of Reform School Girls directs an Angel movie, you expect more.  Unfortunately there’s little of Tom DeSimone’s trademark camp humor, and lots of clichés.  It’s still watchable thanks to a colorful supporting cast.  This time Angel is played by Silk Stockings’ Mitzi Kapture.  The ex-honor student turned hooker is now a photographer.  She goes to L.A. to reconnect with her estranged mother, and after she is murdered, Angel sets out to find the killer and rescue her little sister from the drugs/prostitution/pornography/white slavery racket.  Despite the ending when a baddie gets impaled on a hook, the sex and violence is rather tame.  Former Bond girl Maude Adams plays the dragon lady villainess and leads an impressive cast which includes Mark (The Jerk Too) Blankfield as Angel’s gay ice cream truck driving friend, Spanky and Richard (Shaft) Roundtree as a helpful cop.  Dick (Gremlins) Miller, Toni (“Hey Mickey”) Basil and Roxanne (Not of This Earth) Kernohan have small roles too.  Adams also gets the best line, “This is the United fucking States of America!  We don’t car bomb people!”  This wasn’t the “Final Chapter” however.  Angel returned five years later (as ANOTHER actress) in Angel 4:  Undercover.

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