The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

MAN IN THE ATTIC (1953) ** ½

Jack Palance stars in this remake of The Lodger (an early Hitchcock film) as a suave pathologist who rents a room in the attic from Aunt Bee and romances her daughter. Meanwhile Jack the Ripper is on the loose killing women. Guess who comes under suspicion. (Of course! Jack’s The Ripper!) This was an early role for Palance and he’s pretty good at underplaying the character’s menace. (This was years before Jack started hamming it up.) The censor board’s strict guidelines alters some of The Ripper’s facts (The Ripper kills “actresses” instead of prostitutes) and are responsible for the ambiguous ending, but the film’s worst enemy are the musical numbers. They blunt the film’s tension and grind the movie to a halt just as it gathers momentum. Still, it’s recommended for Palance fans and Jack the Ripper enthusiasts.
Tags: horror, m, remake
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