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Mandy Lane is the hottest girl in school. All the guys want to get into her pants. Since she’s played by Amber Heard, it’s easy to see why. Some of the guys invite the sheltered Mandy to a house party in the middle of nowhere. Naturally, there’s someone on the premises who is bumping off the teeners one by one.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’s released was held up for several years, supposedly due to its subject matter. I’m not sure why though. The film plays like your average slasher movie, but the killer uses a shotgun instead of a knife. I guess it reminded distributors too much of Columbine, so they were hesitant to put it out.

Or maybe the reason why it had a hard time being released was because it just wasn’t very good.

Despite the fact that most of the victims die of gunshot wounds, we do get a decent dislocated jaw scene and an OK knife across the eyes. However, you have to wait an awfully long time for the film to ever get into gear. There’s a Scream-inspired twist ending too, but it’s fairly predictable.

The reason to watch the flick is for Amber Heard. She doesn’t get naked or anything, but she does wear an array of tight-fitting clothes. Oh, and her performance isn’t too bad either.

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