The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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RIO 2 (2014) **

Blu (the voice of Jesse Eisenberg), the endangered macaw takes his wife Jewel (the voice of Anne Hathaway) and his kids on a trip to the Amazon. Once there, they spend time with Jewel’s family, all of whom look down on Blu because he’s a pet. But of course, when the family’s home is threatened by a bunch of humans who want to tear down the rainforest, it’s Blu who winds up saving the village.

The first Rio was a genuine surprise. It was a movie with real heart and some catchy tunes. This sequel just offers up more of the same, minus the heart and good music. Jemaine Clement returns as the villainous cockatoo, but instead of giving him a funny original song like they did in the last movie, he just sings a cover of “I Will Survive”, with a couple of tweaked lyrics. And that basically sums up the filmmakers’ whole approach. Just do the same thing all over again; just without the inspiration or fun.

The plot is also pretty weak and the “save the rainforest” subplot is lame. There are a handful of good moments revolving around Blu’s father in-law (voiced by Andy Garcia, who’s pretty funny), but not enough to base a whole movie around. I did like the montage where the birds played by Jamie Foxx and Will i.a.m. hold auditions for a talent show, though.

Tags: kids, musical, r, sequel

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