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Director Jim Van Bebber uses a lot of techniques a la Natural Born Killers to tell the story of how Charles Manson (Marcello Games) got his followers to kill. The focus is more on the actual “family” and less on Manson, which is interesting, and the structure of the movie (“real” interviews interspersed with the narrative) is sound, but the only thing that totally does NOT work is the modern day scenes showing a “new” family stalking a reporter. The story of how Van Bebber actually got the film made is more interesting than the movie itself. Van Bebber (who also wrote and co-stars) started filming in 1988 (as Charlie’s Family) and tried for years to get it completed (he even gave blood!). The bonus disc on the DVD delves deeper into the story and is recommended in of itself. Van Bebber also directed Deadbeat at Dawn, a personal favorite.
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