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SOLOMON KANE (2012) **

Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a 17th century scoundrel who goes around looking for treasure. After narrowly escaping Death himself, he tries to atone for his many sins while going around the countryside helping people. When a young girl is kidnapped by a demonic villain, Solomon vows to rescue her.

Solomon Kane is based on Robert E. (Conan) Howard’s pulp hero of the ‘30s. He’s a pretty cool and interesting character too. It’s just a shame that this adaptation doesn’t do the character justice.

This movie sat on the shelf for three years before getting a pitiful release. And it’s easy to see why. Much of the CGI effects are pretty bad (especially the giant lava monster in the finale), and the pacing is erratic

The flick does get off to a rollicking start. The opening action sequence reminded me alternately of Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Shadow, and The Mummy (1999). After that, things kinda go down the drain. And while the occasional action scene perks things up, for the most part, the film is a tough slog during its dialogue scenes.

Part of the problem is the casting of Solomon Kane. James Purefoy just doesn’t have the chops necessary to play a likeable roguish anti-hero. The flick needed someone like Hugh Jackman to pull it off. (And speaking of Hugh Jackman, the movie often plays like a DTV Van Helsing sequel.)

Director Michael J. (Silent Hill: Revelation) Bassett handles the action in a capable enough manner. And he delivers a couple of OK horror moments too (like when a preacher tries to feed Solomon to his mutant “flock”). It’s not terrible or anything; I just think the flick was lacking the budget and star power to put it over the top.

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