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The plot of Snakehead Swamp is murkier than the actual swamp where the action takes place. Did the titular snakehead turn into a mutant killer because of the secret experimental testing? Or was it due to the voodoo priestess who cursed the swamp years ago? Or was it a bit of both? I don’t think the filmmakers of Snakehead Swamp ever settled on which, but to be fair, I don’t think they CARED either (I sure as shit didn’t). But thanks to Don L. FauntLeRoy’s efficient direction (he’s a veteran of three Steven Seagal movies and two Anaconda sequels); it goes down a bit smoother than a lot of SYFY Channel Originals.

Anyway, there’s a great opening bit where voodoo witch doctor Antonio Fargas (yes, Huggy Bear’s star has fallen considerably since the days of Starsky and Hutch) is doing a bunch of mumbo jumbo rituals in his shack. When the snakehead escapes from its tank and kills two truck drivers, Fargas drops everything and looks solemnly at the camera and says, “It begins!” How did he know the thing escaped? I don’t know, but it makes for a hilarious moment.

Then, things settle down into a fairly boring pattern: Some unintelligible Cajun rednecks hoot and holler, a shy dude pines for his unrequited love, and the head park ranger (who also happens to be the shy dude’s mom) tries to make head or tails (no pun intended) of the snakehead attacks. Lucky for us, the pacing picks up once FauntLeRoy drops all of this crap and plunges headlong into the Jaws 2 rip-off “My son’s on the water with a giant aquatic killer!” bit.

The CGI effects are laughably bad, there are unnecessary flashbacks to stuff that just happened ten minutes ago, and the POV shots might give you a migraine. At least the majority of the kills are gory. Plus, some of the awful dialogue is good for a laugh too. (Example: When the park ranger’s wimpy ex-husband bemoans the fact that he’s never fired a weapon, she responds, “Point it at the giant mutated killer fish and shoot!”) So all things considered, Snakehead Swamp isn’t anywhere near as bad as it could’ve been.

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