The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

MARTIN (1978) ****

As much as I love George Romero’s Living Dead movies, this is his best. It’s a realistic, de-romanticized look at vampirism. John Amplas stars as Martin, a trouble teen who thinks he is a vampire. Crosses, garlic and sunlight can’t hurt him, but since he doesn’t have fangs, he has to drug his female victims and use razorblades to drain their blood. He goes to live with his Uncle Cuda (Lincoln Maazel) who is a vampire hunter and revels in dressing up in a cape and fake fangs to scare his uncle. Martin has black and white flashback/fantasy scenes that are inter-cut when he hunts his victims that contrast the romantic notions of vampirism against its practicality. In the film’s stand out set piece, he surprises a housewife and her lover and traps them in her home before preying upon them. Martin also confesses his crimes to a call in radio station and becomes a local celebrity. Martin’s romance with a lonely housewife is touching but leads to the typically downbeat ironic Romero ending. Co-starring Tom Savani (who also did the effects), Chris Forrest (Romero’s future wife), and even Romero himself as a priest. Romero did Dawn of the Dead next.
Tags: horror, m, romero, vampires
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