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Dana Carvey made a comeback of sorts with this silly but funny kid friendly movie (produced by Adam Sandler) about a clueless Italian dolt (Carvey) who learns his secret family heritage of being a “Master of Disguise”. He uses elaborate make-up and outrageous voices to foil evil billionaire Brent (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Spiner who has kidnapped his parents (James Brolin and Edie McClurg). He also falls in love with his single mom assistant played by Jennifer Esposito. While it takes its time to get going, and if you can get past the initial goofiness of the premise, it’s a lot of fun and has some huge laughs. The best parts are Carvey’s impersonations of Al Pacino in Scarface and Robert Shaw in Jaws. The celebrity cameos range from everyone from Bo Derek to Jessica Simpson to Jesse “The Body” Ventura. The make-up effects are excellent and Carvey is clearly having fun doing what he does best.
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