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WE’RE THE MILLERS (2013) *** ½

We’re the Millers is one of the most foulmouthed, raunchy, and potentially disturbing comedies I have seen in some time. That is to say, I laughed a whole lot. This is the kind of comedy that goes for broke and just doesn’t give a flying fuck, which is one of its many charms.

Jason Sudeikis stars as a small time drug dealer who is blackmailed into transporting a huge amount of weed over the Mexican border in a giant RV. He knows that he’s going to get busted, so he hires a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a teenage loser (Will Poulter), and a runaway (Emma Roberts) to pose as his family. Naturally, a Mexican kingpin tries to kill them, and along the way, they wind up becoming a (dysfunctional) family unit.

We’re the Millers plays out like a mash-up of National Lampoon’s Vacation and Traffic. It takes its unlikely premise and milks it for all its worth. From run-ins with horny border guards, to a near orgy with another couple in an RV, to Poulter getting kissing lessons from his “sister” and “mother”, the flick never fails to deliver on the crude R-rated antics. I mean most comedies would be content to just have a venomous spider bite someone on the testicle and call it a day. We’re the Millers not only shows you the aftermath, but it shows you it several times.

Sudeikis is great in this and totally earns his leading man chops. Aniston is a good foil for him and she does a couple of mean stripteases, although she never gets naked or anything. Roberts and Poulter also get some laughs and have a nice chemistry together.

The only scenes that really failed to make me laugh were the ones with Ed Helms as a dorky big time drug dealer. It just felt like you were automatically supposed to think it was funny to see Ed Helms play a drug dealer, but he didn’t really bring anything to the table. Other than that (and running about ten minutes too long), We’re the Millers is a pretty great comedy.



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