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LINK (1986) * ½

Elizabeth Shue stars as an American college student who goes to England to be an assistant to professor Terence Stamp. He lives in a mansion with three chimps. Voodoo and Imp are his test subjects and Link is his dutiful and super-smart (not to mention super-strong) butler. When Stamp mysteriously disappears, Shue finds herself all alone in a big house with a potentially homicidal chimp on her hands.

Link has an unlikely premise, and Richard (Psycho 2) Franklin directs the film in a rather frustrating manner. He gives the suspense scenes a weirdly whimsical feeling (a point that’s hammered home by an oddly out-of-whack score by Jerry Goldsmith), which doesn’t work at all. His style usually evokes Hitchcock, but for the most part, this just feels like a bad made for TV movie. Although Franklin delivers a decent scene every once in a while (like when Link kills a guard dog), it’s more of the exception than the rule. Franklin’s overuse of slow motion during the chimp POV shots is also pretty annoying and further dilutes any potential suspense from the film.

I’m usually a fan of Terence Stamp, but his performance is just too aloof and droll to garner much sympathy for him. Shue does a good job in the damsel in distress role though and has some nice moments with the chimps. However, she can’t singlehandedly save this dull, dreary, and overlong flick.

Tags: l, thriller

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