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Harry Hamlin stars as the new fire chief in town. Before he can even get into uniform; people starting dying from rattlesnake bites. These aren’t just any rattlesnakes though. These are the super-venomous mutated kind that kills its victim seconds after biting them. Of course, asshole real estate magnate Jack Scalia refuses to believe that the snakes are loose in his brand new housing development and makes it hard for Hamlin to warn the townsfolk.

Silent Predators is a moderately entertaining made for TV horror flick co-written by none other than John Carpenter. It was directed by Noel Nosseck (who also did another 31 Days of Horror-Ween flick, Nightscream) who keeps the flick chugging along. Hamlin, doing his best Chief Brody impersonation, anchors the film and keeps you watching, even when the clichés start piling up.

Like any Killer Snake Movie, there are lots of shots from the Rattlesnake POV Cam during the stalking scenes. Alas, most of these scenes are pretty tame (this was a made for TV movie after all), but it certainly has its moments. The scene where the snakes cause havoc at a Little League game is kinda cool, and the bit where a snake menaces a woman on her exercise bike is good for a laugh too.

Also, as an aside, I’m not sure why it’s called “Silent” Predators since the snakes all have rattles. Other than that, I sort of dug it. It’s a lot better than something you’d see on SYFY, that’s for sure.

Well folks, this is the final 31 Days of Horror-Ween flick for the month. Once again I apologize for not meeting my usual quota or horror movies, but I’ve had a hectic month. Next month, I’m not going to make any concrete movie-watching palooza plans, although I can say that the It Came from the Thrift Store column will return with John Frankenheimer’s 52 Pick-Up.

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