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This infamous banned episode of Showtime’s hit series Masters of Horror from Japanese horror guru Takashi Miike features some impressive torture sequences that are among the director’s best but the rest of the film’s unevenness eventually does it in. Billy (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.) Drago stars as an American in Japan searching for a prostitute he had promised to marry. He ends up spending the night with another prostitute who has a scarred face and some pretty dark secrets. She tells him that she killed his true love, but her flashbacks and flashbacks and flashbacks reveal that there’s more to the story than just murder. (If you thought Rashomon had flashbacks out the ass, wait till you see this.) Scenes of needles being shoved through fingernails and gums will make you cringe, and while the film holds the record for most aborted fetuses shown on screen, it can’t overcome some major deficits. Namely is Drago’s terrible performance. Every line he speaks sounds like he’s on the toilet forcing out a big turd. “THIS-s-s-s PLACE is a damned… PLACE!” Also all the other Japanese actors seem to have trouble with the English language and are just about as intelligible. Looking at this DVD only release it’s easy to see why Showtime didn’t air it. It’s not because of the over the top gore, fetus mutilating or freakish hookers with hands coming out of their heads, it’s because it doesn’t make a lick of goddamned sense.
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