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LET’S BE COPS (2014) **

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. star as two losers who go to a costume party dressed as cops. People instantly mistake them for real police officers and they are all too happy to take full advantage of the situation. When they shake down a couple of Russian mobsters, they incur the wrath of a kingpin (James D’Arcy). The duo quickly get in over their heads and have to work together to bring the gangsters down.

As People Posing as Cops movies go, it’s definitely no Blue Streak.

Let’s Be Cops has a couple of initial funny moments, especially whenever it’s exploiting people’s natural fear of being questioned by the police. I also liked the scene where women at a bachelorette party accosted Johnson and Wayans and forced them to dance. These scenes are fleeting, but they do work up to a point. In fact, the scenes that play over the credits of the duo messing with random citizens are the best in the entire film. If more scenes like this were in the actual movie, it could’ve worked.

Most of the situations feel like they came out of a bad sitcom (Johnson and Wayans both co-star on New Girl). To make matters worse, a lot of them just aren’t very funny (like when they get into a fight with some sorority sisters). The scenes of them squaring off against the mobsters are also farfetched and strain credibility (even for a silly comedy like this one).

The biggest problem though is that neither Johnson nor Wayans Jr. are very likeable and mostly act like morons. (Wayans’ constant mugging while high on meth is particularly unfunny.) I did like Nina (Never Cry Werewolf) Dobrev as Wayans’ girlfriend though. Rob Riggle is also pretty funny as a real cop who helps Johnson and Wayans on the case.

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