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Before the movie starts up, we get a couple of trailers. The first is for a sex comedy called Lovers’ Lovers that looks incredibly unfunny. The second is for The Lipstick Camera, an erotic thriller starring Terry O’Quinn and Corey Feldman! The last one is for Harmony Cats, a comedy featuring a rare leading man turn by perennial bad guy, Kim Coates. Then, the movie begins.

Robert Patrick stars as Mickey, a blond paparazzo photographer who is obsessed with a Madonna-esque starlet named Chelsea (Michelle Johnson from Waxwork). He’s down on his luck and accepts an offer from a sleazy club owner (Jonathan Banks) to do a nude photo shoot of a Chelsea lookalike (also Johnson). Naturally, he falls in love with her and when the real Chelsea winds up murdered, Mickey soon becomes the prime suspect.

Body Shot tries to be slightly different than the usual erotic thriller. It sometimes feels like an old detective movie as Patrick gets a lot of hardboiled narration. The problem is, the sex scenes aren’t very hot and don’t feature any skin. Sure, there’s some fleeting glimpses of nudity here and there, but dammit, when you sit down to watch an erotic thriller, you at least expect them to show more skin.

The thriller scenes aren’t very involving either. The scenes of Patrick outrunning the cops get repetitive after a while too. The various plot twists that occur in rapid succession in the third act aren’t that great.

The cast is better than the movie deserves. Patrick gives a solid performance and holds your attention whenever the pacing slows down. Johnson is sexy and looks hot during the photo shoot montage sequence. That almost makes up for the fact that she doesn’t get naked during her sex scenes (although she does briefly show off her butt in one scene). Banks plays a good psycho and old pros like Ray Wise, Charles Napier, and Kenneth Tobey also lend fine support.

Patrick gets the best line of the movie when he says, “I came out here with a couple of friends… Jack Daniels and Jim Beam!”

AKA: Framed by Seduction.

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