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THE NOVEMBER MAN (2014) ** ½

Pierce Brosnan reunites with his Dante’s Peak director Roger Donaldson for this uneven spy thriller. Brosnan plays an aging secret agent who comes out of retirement to bring in a Russian double agent who has the goods on her country’s newest presidential candidate. He gets double-crossed, she winds up dead, and Brosnan goes looking for answers. With his mission compromised, Brosnan and a hot babe (Quantum of Solace’s Olga Kurylenko) have to stay one step ahead of a rival agent (Luke Bracey) who also happens to be his protégée.

Part of the fun of The November Man is seeing how the plot twists and dovetails. Loyalties are tested and secrets in the characters’ past are used against them. There are even a couple of big twists that are dropped just in the first two reels, so I’ve tried to keep the plot description to the barest of bones.

Brosnan gives a solid performance and gets to show a bit more range than he did when he played James Bond. Kurylenko is quite hot, especially the scene where she poses as a prostitute and dons a sexy purple wig. Bracey is far too bland though and the film would’ve been better served if the role had been played by someone who had the chops to go toe to toe with Brosnan.

After a smashing start, the pacing tends to get a bit plodding at times. While there are a few strong standalone scenes (like when Brosnan holds Bracey’s girlfriend hostage), the muddled plot finds it hard to gain traction once it crosses the hallway mark. Donaldson does a fine job on action side of things, but the lukewarm script doesn’t necessarily do him any favors.

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