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A movie starlet named Francesca (Patty Boyd) is found murdered. Her agent hires a private detective (Roger Caine) to find her missing diary because it might contain some incriminating evidence against some very important people. He pounds the pavement and interviews several people who knew her. Eventually, he finds out she’s actually alive and well, and of course, he gets to bone her.

Directed by Shaun (Water Power) Costello (who also appears as the sleazy agent), The Fire in Francesca is sorely lacking the crazy touches the man is known for. The first two sex scenes are mostly bland and predictable. (Blow job, 69, sex, money shot, repeat.) Costello also has a bad habit of cutting away to a dialogue scene right in the middle of the lovemaking. These interruptions break up the sex scenes and prevent them from gaining much momentum. We still get a good casting couch threeway scene with Vanessa Del Rio, Jean Dalton, and Ron Dorfman, and Boyd has a decent threeway with two guys too.

The plot scenes aren’t that bad. Costello has fun with the detective clichés and some of the narration is good for a laugh. The acting pretty much sucks though and there are lots of flubbed lines (although let’s face it, we’re not watching this for the acting). Still, it’s only 60 minutes long, so there’s that.

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