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Fred Williamson directs and stars as an ex-football star/Nam vet who returns home to Hollywood penniless and gets a job working for mobster Stuart Whitman. He really isn't "mean", he actually gets beat up a lot during the first hour. There are also lots of scenes of Williamson walking around while soul music plays in the background. There's hardly any action, but Williamson does kill a lot of honkies in the finale. The ludicrous ending has Williamson getting killed by Whitman's two timing mistress before she blows up on a land mine! Then, there's a final credit that reads, "Dedicated to the veteran who traded his place on the front line for a place on the unemployment line. Peace is Hell!" Though the action scenes are pretty inept (especially the goofy kung fu scenes), the supporting cast is pretty good. Elliot Gould (who starred in M.A.S.H. in which Williamson had a small role) has a cameo as a bum, and Roddy McDowall turns up as a gangster as does R.G. Armstrong as a gas station attendant.
Tags: action, blaxploitation, fred williamson, kung fu, m
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