The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


In this zero budget, black and white soft core sex flick, some prostitutes move from sunny Florida to a house on Staten Island and open up shop turning tricks in a quiet neighborhood. In the film's funniest scene, the hoes clean up the house then turn on the radio and dance in the nude! On their opening night they entertain three sailors, where there's a long silent party scene. One sailor has a threesome and the other gets his rocks off by being tied up while cool surf music plays. In the end, the captain ends up proposing to the Madame! When the sailors screw they keep their underwear on. Despite the one setting and some amateur acting, the film is actually entertaining and there's a healthy dosage of tits on display. All the credits are obviously fakes and it's only an hour long. The ads said: "The U.S.O. was never like this!"
Tags: exploitation, m
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