The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

MINDHUNTERS (2005) ** ½

Val Kilmer takes a group of wet behind the ears FBI profilers to a deserted island town for a training mission to find the fictional serial killer “The Puppeteer”. Trouble starts when a real serial killer infiltrates the group and starts picking off the agents one by one. Sure it’s yet another Ten Little Indians variation, but at least the cast is good and the deaths are gory. There’s a death by liquid nitrogen, an excellent decapitation and an acid filled cigarette. Kilmer and co-star Christian Slater (who were also in True Romance together) don’t stick around for very long but LL (The Hard Way) Cool J, Jonny Lee (Dracula 2000) Miller, Patricia (The Mummy) Velasquez and Clifton (Rules of Attraction) Collins, Jr. are pretty convincing at being red herrings. Director Renny Harlin made this in 2003 and it sat on Dimension’s shelf for over two years (He actually made it before Exorcist: The Beginning, another troubled production.). It’s not bad and didn’t deserve to be shelved. LL was also in Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea.
Tags: action, m, val kilmer
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