The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE MINUS MAN (1999) ****

Owen Wilson plays a drifter who kills people with poison laced amaretto. He rents a room from a couple (Brian Cox and Mercedes Reuhl), and lives in their runaway daughter's room. Eventually, he becomes like a son to them. He gets a job at the post office where Janeanne Garafalo works and she falls in love with him. Dwight Yoakum and Dennis Haysbert are in the movie's best scenes when Wilson imagines being interrogated by two cops. In these scenes, Wilson rehearses what he would say if he did get caught. His victims include a junkie (Sheryl Crowe, making her acting debut), a high scool jock (Eric Mabius, who would later play The Crow), and a random guy in a diner. Great performances all around, especially by Wilson, whose deadpan emotional blankness somehow makes him even more charming and Garofalo as his lovesick co-worker. Impressive directing debut by Hampton Fancher, who co-wrote Blade Runner.
Tags: drama, m
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