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Mike (Asher Tzarfati) is the titular hippie who goes to Israel. He meets a girl named Elizabeth (Lilly Avidan) while hitchhiking and whines to her about killing people in Vietnam and being a virgin. She feels sorry for him, so she bangs him. Mike is being pursued by two mimes in top hats (they gun down a bunch of people at a party), so they take some friends to a deserted island to lay low. The first night, they lose their raft and they are unable to swim ashore because there are sharks in the water. For no reason whatsoever, they quickly turn into savages and fight each other for control of the island.

An American Hippie in Israel is a boring mess. It’s filled with long scenes where nothing happens. What’s worse is that during these scenes, awful hippie music plays in a constant loop on the soundtrack. You also have to put up with lots of annoying hippie jargon too.

The final scene where Mike and his friends completely snap doesn't work at all. Were the filmmakers trying to say that even though Mike is a peace-loving hippie, he’s still a savage killer because of his time spent in Vietnam? You got me. Whatever statement the filmmakers were trying to make is pretty much lost because the plot twist is so random and goofy.

Even more confounding is the setting. They never really make a big deal about Mike being in Israel. He never visits any landmarks or anything and since most of the action happens in the desert, it feels like it could’ve taken place anywhere.

It’s not all bad though. I liked the trippy scene where Mike beats up two guys dressed as cassette tapes. We also get a topless catfight, so that helps relieve the boredom somewhat. However, there’s not nearly enough nudity to make it worthwhile as an exploitation item.

AKA: The Hitch Hiker.

Tags: a, cult, drama
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