The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

MONSTER A GO-GO (1965) ½ *

Herschell Gordon (Blood Feast) Lewis needed another movie for a double feature to go along with his latest film, Moonshine Mountain, so he bought an unfinished movie from Bill (The Giant Spider Invasion) Rebane and added some narration and an inane go-go dancing scene and presto! One of the worst films ever made! I couldn’t begin to describe what the hell goes on in this movie (even the narrator seems to be having a time holding everything together), but it has something to do with a mutated astronaut who comes back to Earth and kills people. In the absolute worst ending in motion picture history, the astronaut simply DISAPPEARS! HUH?!? (More like Lewis was too cheap to spring for an ending!) Lewis also produced under his usual pseudonym Sheldon Seymour.
Tags: h.g. lewis, horror, m, mst3k
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