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Mary (Rock n’ Roll High School) Woronov stars in this slasher flick from Rick Sloane, the director of Hobgoblins. After a theater owner finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him he burns down the theater and stabs the ticket taker. Years later, a big theater chain (“Spotlite Theaters”) reopens the movie house and people start dropping like flies. The ghost (?) of the theater owner murders people (including a few cheerleaders) and has supernatural powers, which means he can make doors open and shut at will. Scary! Since it’s a Rick Sloane movie, you know not to expect quality of any kind. One of the girl’s voices is obviously dubbed but at least she shows her tits. There’s also a fake trailer for “Clown Whores of Hollywood” (which looks like it stars Linnea Quigley) and one of the worse severed head effects I’ve ever seen.

AKA: Blood Theater.
Tags: horror, m
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