The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

MS. 45 (1981) ****

This is director Abel (King of New York) Ferrara’s masterpiece. Its Death Wish meets I Spit on Your Grave. It’s also similar in many ways to Ferrara’s previous outing Driller Killer. Zoe Tamerlis stars as a mute woman who gets raped twice in one day, first in an alley (by the director) and then again by a burglar in her apartment. She turns the tables on him and bludgeons him to death with an iron. She then chops him up and keeps him in the fridge. She also takes his .45 handgun, dresses in black leather and heavy make-up, and stalks the streets blowing away men (any man really). The movie climaxes at her office Halloween party where she dresses up like a nun and blows away her co-workers in slow-mo Taxi Driver fashion. Tamerlis is excellent and shows a range of emotion without ever saying a word. Ferrara continued making increasingly personal (Read: self indulgent) movies. He and Tamerlis later wrote Bad Lieutenant together.
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