The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

M 3-D! THE MOVIE (1976) **

This almost incomprehensible, mostly unfunny sex comedy is only worth a look if you want to see John Holmes have (R rated) sex in 3-D. The main story is about a struggling candy maker who makes aphrodisiac lollipops to boost sales, but there’s also a gladiator dressed in a bunny suit, a Rod Serling impersonator and an obvious man in a gorilla suit. The 3-D effects (on the DVD anyway) are okay, but don’t really highlight anything sexual. There’s brooms, broken glass, phones, guns and lollipops hurtled at the screen but no tits. Various versions exist (I got the R rated version), but there’s also an X rated version with hardcore scenes. Besides Holmes, porn star Joey SIlvera appears and gets the best line: “This should make your nipples explode with delight!”
Tags: comedy, exploitation, in 3-d, m
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