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U.S. SEALS (2000) * ½

U.S. Seals is a cheap Nu Image actioner that reminded me a bit of the old Delta Force knock-off movies of the ‘90s. I guess the inspiration for this one was Navy Seals. Instead of Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, and Bill Paxton, we get a lot of no-name guys with not a whole lot of personality, screen presence, or charisma.

The Seals leave a family barbecue to fight some terrorists on a Turkish oil rig. They kill a villainous mastermind’s brother in the process and soon become the target of his wrath. He blows up one of the Seals’ wives and of course, they go looking for payback.

There’s a lot wrong here, but I’ll try to hit the highlights (or rather, lowlights). The major problem is that no one on the team really stands out. They’re all pretty much interchangeable, and as a consequence, it’s hard for the audience to care about them.

Another problem is the lackluster direction. Yossi (Cyborg Cop 3) Wein films the action in a flat manner, so the explosions, shootouts, and fight scenes don’t have much punch. I will say that the action sequences happen at regular enough intervals so that it doesn’t get too boring or anything, but it does get a bit numbing after a while.

The pacing is rather languid. The film has a stop-and-start momentum that quickly grows tiresome. The Seals get orders to go take someone down. They complete their mission. They return home and get sent away on another mission. The repetitive nature and overall cheapness of the production make it feel like a TV show or something.

U.S. Seals 2 followed the next year. Both films aren’t exactly “good”, but at least part 2 was spectacularly bad, which made it entertaining and a lot of fun to watch. This one is drab, weak, and forgettable.

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