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The creators of Ghost World, writer Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff team up for another teen angst comic book adaptation.  While it has flashes of brilliance, it’s also wildly uneven and suffers in comparison to Ghost World.  Max Minghella (son of director Anthony Minghella) stars as Jerome Platz, a young misfit who goes to art school to become “the greatest artist of the 21st century” and to meet girls.  He falls for a cute nude model (Tristan and Isolde’s Sophia Myles) and tries desperately to convince his professor (John Malkovich, who also produced) that he’s a great artist.  

The film’s first half is funny and showcases a bunch of quirky characters, but it begins to lose its way after the first hour when the serial killer subplot gets in the way of the characters.  The film is basically the art class scenes from Ghost World stretched out to feature length.  Ghost World was a classic because it focused all its attention to its quirky characters and let the plot take a back seat to everything else.  In Art School Confidential the characters are saddled with the unnecessary serial killer stuff.  It’s probably because the characters themselves are too thinly sketched to hang a whole movie on that the trite last half hour fails.  

There is enough eccentric entertainment and great dialogue (My favorite being, “You’re so September 10th!”) in the film’s first hour however to make it worth a look.  Steve Buscemi, Angelica Huston, Jim Broadbent and Ethan Suplee co-star.

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