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THE MUTILATOR (1985) ***

The ads said: “By sword. By pick. By axe. Bye bye!”

When a young tyke cleans his father’s gun for daddy’s birthday he accidentally blows a hole through his momma’s torso. The kid grows up to be a regular teen in a horror movie that along with a group of friends goes to his now bitter alcoholic father’s beachfront condo to close it up for the winter. You see daddy was a hunter, but not any kind of hunter. He’s the kind of hunter who’s hunted “everything but man” and keeps sacrificial masks around the house just because. You know the type. He’s the kind of dad who puts pictures of roadkill victims on display as well.

Something tells me he won’t get that “Father of the Year” award this year, especially not after he dispatches his son’s friends through chainsaw evisceration, fence post through the cheek, decapitation and a pitchfork through the throat. And I’m not even gonna tell you about the scene where the killer mistakes an enormous fishing hook for a maxi pad and shoves it up a girl’s you know what before chopping her head off.

Yes it’s another one of those teenagers stuck in a remote house while a heavy breathing killer stalks them in the darkness movie. But it’s also one of the goriest too. And the ending where the killer gets cut in half by a Chevy and keeps on chopping people up with his trusty battle axe is one for the books.

You can tell that the film was originally titled “Fall Break” because all the teens say “Fall Break” a lot and there’s a hideous song playing over the credits in which the singer, who sounds like a short bus version of Billy Joel sings, “We’re going on a … FALL BREAK!” The excellent gore effects were done by Mark (Evil Dead 2) Shostrom. Star Matt Mitler was also in such 80’s classics as Breeders and Deadtime Stories. Buddy Cooper isn’t much of a writer (his best line: “Hey anybody up for a foot race?”) but sure knows how to film a fishing hook going through a woman’s hoo-ha.

AKA: Fall Break.
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