The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


An American artist living in France takes his French nude model wife, Yvonne and their child to meet his mother. The domineering and spiteful mother objects to her daughter in law being a nudist, so she forces her son to get a divorce. In divorce court we learn Yvonne posed for a painting of his, The Naked Venus, which is the sensation of the New York art world. Nudist footage is shown in the courtroom which features nude archery, badminton and a naked wedding ceremony! After the trial, Yvonne moves back to France and he follows her and they kiss and make up. There’s only a couple brief nudists scenes, but unfortunately this is more of a domestic melodrama than a nudist movie. It’s like watching Divorce Court with boobs. Director “Ove H. Schested” is actually Edgar G. Ullmer, who also directed the low budget classic Detour.
Tags: exploitation, n
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