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While Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is enjoying his seventh year in college, his greedy father stops paying the bills. To pay for tuition Van becomes a “party liaison”, setting up parties for losers and the socially challenged to make some quick cash. Meanwhile a reporter (Tara Reid) is doing a story on Van which makes her frat boy boyfriend jealous. Sub Animal House high jinx ensue. Van is basically a combination of Ferris Bueller (smart ass know it all), Bluto (7 years in college), and Otter (which figures, because his dad is played by Tim Matheson). All the basic teen comedy clichés are here: the unattainable blond, the snobby frat boy, the horny Indian guy (okay, maybe not the horny Indian guy). The funniest bits include a laxative filled power shake, a penis pump mistaken for a bong (“That’s not a bong, that’s for my schlong!”), and a bull dog with humongous nuts. With Erik Estrada in a funny cameo, and an unbilled Tom Everett Scott.
Tags: comedy, n, national lampoon's
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