The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

NECROMANIA (1971) **

This was the last film that Ed Wood wrote and directed. It’s only about 50 minutes long, but it’s a long 50 minutes. Rene (The Playmates) Bond and her real life husband Ric Lutz go to a necromancer cuz he can’t get it up. (These were the pre-Viagra days.) While waiting for the necromancer to show up, Bond gets it on with a lesbian and Lutz sleeps with the necromancer’s assistant. Bond also gets it on with the assistant (who also pleasures herself with a skull). In the end the necromancer rises from the dead and screws Lutz in a coffin. The End! XXX versions exist, but the version I saw just had a bunch of thigh licking. All the Wood hallmarks, visible microphone booms, ridiculous library music, flubbed lines and atrocious dialogue (“Hence forth she will live for sex and sex alone!”) are on display, but even for a later sexploitation Wood movie, it’s not very good. Supposedly Vampira was offered the role of the necromancer but turned it down.
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