The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE NEW KIDS (1985) ** ½

In this potboiler from Sean S. Cunningham, Shannon Presby and Lori (Full House) Loughlin star as siblings who go to live with their crazy uncle after the death of their father. Their uncle happens to own an amusement park named Santa’s Funland which is naturally located in FLORIDA! Anyway, trouble starts brewing when they become targets of the local redneck bullies led by a blonde (!!!) James Spader. This revenge thriller has its moments (like the pit bull attack) but you’d expect more blood and guts from the guy who gave us Friday the 13th. The film is fitfully entertaining nonetheless and co-stars Tom (Halloween 3) Atkins and a young Eric Stoltz Written by Stephen (father of Jake and Maggie) Gyllenhaal.
Tags: drama, n
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