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In the fourth (and hopefully final) entry, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) trains A GIRL! Julie (Million Dollar Baby’s Hilary Swank), is a hot headed and feisty teen. Miyagi gets through to her by teaching her karate. She’s being harassed at school by the Alpha Elite, a group of sadistic Neo Nazi hall monitors led by Michael (Hello, Mary Lou: Prom Night 2) Ironside. She helps a hawk mend a broken wing and fly away and falls for a boy, Eric who’s also a target of the Alpha Elite. After she’s suspended, Miyagi takes her to a monastery to train with a bunch of comic relief monks. When she comes back home, Miyagi teaches her to waltz via karate (GAG!) so she can cut a rug at the prom. Then Ironside’s boys come after Eric and beat the snot out of him, so she has to go save his ass. Yes, finally the Karate Kid series loses its balls (literally). Basically we get a chick flick with karate kicks. It can’t be a good sign when a movie makes you yearn for Ralph Macchio. Swank is OK, but you’d never know she’d go on to win two Oscars from watching her in this flick. Constance Towers, who plays her grandmother, was also in Sam Fuller’s great The Naked Kiss (1964). Director Christopher Cain also did Young Guns and should be shot for the gratuitous monks going bowling scenes.
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