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This great horror/sci-fi/comedy is one of the best to come out of the 80’s. It’s filled with laughs and gore and plenty of tongue in cheek humor.

After a hilarious prologue that has everything from rubber suited aliens and a black and white hatchet murder, the plot begins. Two students pledging a fraternity steal a body out of an experimental morgue, and unwittingly unleash a race of space slugs. These interstellar creepy crawlies like to get inside your mouth and munch on your brain, turning you into a mindless zombie while they incubate their young which explode out of your head. Great stuff. The awesome finale where Lively and his date, both of whom dressed for the prom blow away zombies with a shotgun, flamethrower, and lawnmower is priceless.

Jason (European Vacation) Lively stars as the main nerd who gets the help of drunken cop Detective Cameron, who’s played to the hilt by Halloween 3’s Tom Atkins to battle the zombies. Atkins delivers one of screendom’s greatest performances and gets several bits of choice dialogue. Along with his catchphrase, “Thrill me”, he also delivers the classic line, “The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is they’re dead!” Writer/director Fred (The Monster Squad) Dekker effectively blends the chills with the chuckles and gives everybody in-joke names (Carpenter, Romero, Raimi, etc.) a trend that would later be copied many times. The cable version of the film includes a different, longer (and better) ending.
Tags: comedy, horror, n, sci-fi, zombie
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