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FIVE (1951) **

Five has the distinction of being the very first post-apocalypse movie. Not only did it go on to inspire On the Beach, but also Robot Monster and Night of the Living Dead as well. While it’s not great or anything, it is sort of neat seeing just how many films ripped it off later on.

A nuclear explosion leaves the world decimated. A pregnant woman wanders around for a while until she stumbles upon a bearded dude living in isolation in the country. (In good old ‘50s fashion, she immediately faints when she sees him.) After a time, they come in contact with an old geezer and a black man who join their group. When the old guy dies; an asshole racist shows up and wants to get rid of the black man. He also has the hots for the pregnant lady and conspires to keep her for himself.

While Five is far from perfect, I must say that director Arch (The Bubble) Oboler makes good use of his low budget and presents us with an apocalyptic wasteland that looks pretty realistic. The cinematography is also quite good. It’s just a shame that the flick is so slow moving. Since Oboler is unable to gather much momentum, the ending loses a bit of its intended impact. I give it props for being so downbeat and depressing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s satisfying.

The performances are also a mixed bag. Some actors appear stiff and unprofessional while others overact to the hilt. Because of that, it’s hard to identify (or care) with any of them.

The next Horror-Ween movie will be: The Mad Magician!

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