The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

99 WOMEN (1969) **

A good cast is wasted in this thoroughly routine women in prison movie from cult director Jess (Faceless) Franco. Mercedes McCambridge is the warden of an island prison which contains “99 women”. When a fresh crop of prisoners can’t stand to be used for private sex shows held by “The Governor” (Herbert Lom), they escape. They hide out with some revolutionaries, but since none of them have seen a woman in a really long time all they want to do is rape them. In the end, Lom ends up capturing the girls and sending them back to prison.

The women, including Rosalba (Slaughter Hotel) Neri, Maria (Venus in Furs) Rohm, and Luciana (Thunderball) Paluzzi (who unfortunately gets killed off ten minutes into the movie) are all sexy, but you know when Franco directs a women in prison movie, you expect more than what this tame flick has to offer. Producer Harry Alan Towers also backed Franco’s The Castle of Fu Manchu (which conveniently used the same exteriors for the prison/castle) the same year. McCambridge later went on to be the voice of the devil in The Exorcist.
Tags: exploitation, jess franco, n, women in prison
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