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Ah, yes the Nazi zombie movies, how I love them. But for every good one like Zombie Lake, you get something that pretty much resembles this. It’s a lot like Shock Waves except that the Nazi zombies rise from out of sandy dunes instead of murky waters and the fact that it pretty much sucks balls. When our hero discovers his dead daddy helped keep a cache of Nazi gold hidden in the middle of the desert, he and his friends blow his inheritance to dig it up. Little do they know that the Nazi soldiers who died protecting the gold are still keeping their post, only now they are bug eyed worm faced zombies. Whenever someone starts snooping around the gold the zombies show up to chow down on some living lunch meat.

Director Jess (Sadomania) Franco’s career is generally all over the map in terms of quality and this film is no exception. While one or two gore scenes are decent enough and the make-up ranges from neat to passable, the acting, production values, music, and editing stink. Franco’s direction is erratic and his over reliance on camera zooms will make you sick. He does toss in a few cool zombies-on-the-dunes-at-sunset shots towards the end and throws in a tit or two to keep you from falling asleep.

AKA: Oasis of the Living Dead. AKA: Treasure of the Living Dead. AKA: Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies. AKA: Grave of the Living Dead.
Tags: horror, jess franco, o, zombie
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