The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE OBLONG BOX (1969) ** ½

In the umpteenth A.I.P. Poe inspired movie, a voodoo curse intended for Vincent Price accidentally gets put on his brother. It disfigures him and Price has him promptly locked away. (A disfigured brother would dampen your social calendar too.) To make things worse, he’s accidentally buried alive and that really pisses him off. He returns from the grave wearing a crimson mask, and with the help of the good doctor Christopher Lee, he starts offing the people responsible for making his life (and death) miserable. Price and Lee are great as always, but they only have one scene together. That’s right, it’s another one of those “Hey we got two big stars, so let’s only put ‘em in only one scene together” flick. Director Gordon (KISS Meets the Phantom) Hessler directed them again in the next year’s much better, Scream and Scream Again.
Tags: christopher lee, horror, o, vincent price
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