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OCEAN’S TWELVE (2004) ***

All the major players (George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, etc.) return in this lightweight sequel. This time the action takes place mostly in Europe, with Amsterdam and Italy being the main settings for the heists. Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) tracks down Danny Ocean (Clooney) and gives his crew a week to repay the money they stole from him in the first film. The team reassembles and try to pull some jobs, but are bested at every turn by The Night Fox (Vincent Cassel), the world’s greatest thief. Most of the crew get caught by a federal agent (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and gets thrown in jail. The last heist has Robert’s character actually pretending to be Julia Roberts! Things get complicated when Bruce Willis (playing himself) shows up and throws a monkey wrench into their plans.

Pitt dominates the movie. Since being pursued by his old flame Jones rekindles the fires of romance, he schemes to win her back and gets some of the movie's best scenes. Besides Pitt, Roberts, Damon and Jones, the rest of the Twelve aren’t given a whole lot to do. (Clooney disappears for a good chunk of the movie.) Willis’ extended cameo makes the last half of the flick enjoyable after it’s middling second act. (He originally was going to play Garcia’s role in the first film.)

Director Steven Soderbergh is clearly having fun with his cast, but they probably had more fun making this than you will watching it. With Bernie Mac, Elliot Gould and Carl Reiner. Since Clooney got back with Roberts in the first film and Pitt hooks up with ex Jones in this one, look for Matt Damon to get the girl in Ocean’s 13. (Though Bernie Mac may have to wait until Ocean’s 16 to get a love interest.)
Tags: action, comedy, o, sequel, willis
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